Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This Is ME~

Fuhhh n Wow!!! I am really happy cuz i’ve made it!!
Yeah.. bout this blog.. i’ll gonna rock it!

First of all.. i dun deny dat im not really good in English.. n i can say dat this blog is created for me to improve myself in bringing myself in front.

Yeah. I am a girl.. dan tiada langsung keraguan keatasnya, i am 19. N still studying in an IPTA somewhere in Malaysia... hahaha.. the reason why im here is just to express myself, my feelings n share  stories about my life instead of making new friends.

Do follow me if you like me and my blog. I admit dat im  not sweet, im not adorable. But what i have here is ME, myself.  There is nothing that are more beautiful to all creatures in this Earth instead of Honesty. N im here with who i am.


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