Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Let me be your Guardian Angel~

I like you.
urmm.. maybe..

but im afraid...
afraid if that LOVE is only in me..
and not YOU..

awak datang dalam hidup saya secara tiba-tiba..
awak mengubah hidup saya tiba-tiba juga..
bayangkan hari bertambah ceria sejak ada awak..
hari saya tak lekang dengan senyuman sejak ada awak..

i m SORRY..
i already fall for YOU..

i cant stopped myself from thinkin bout you.
how can?
yeah.. if there is only you... a person that always make me laugh and smile..

without you, my life was pathetic..

thanks.. really thanks for the song that u sang for me on my birthday last month..
i know... it doesnt meant anything for you..
because im only your protege.. n you r my mentor...
but at that time, really.. you'd open my heart..
ONCE again in my life..

whenever you played ur guitar..
you threw me away..

yeah.. dulu saya pernah berangan seseorang boleh menyanyikan sebuah lagu yang penuh makna untuk saya.
saya hanya minta lagu SELAMAT ULANG TAHUN..
but you gave me 4 songs..
n the other day, you sang me Your Guardian Angel by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus..
but i know.. i doesnt meant anything for you..
n you just said that, ' i know you damn loved that song, because of that saje je nak nyanyi utk protege '

saya tahu saya hanya bertepuk sebelah tangan..
but really.... awak berikan saya sesuatu..
sesuatu yang saya rasa ianya hilang dalam diri saya.... dulu..

awak beri saya KEKUATAN..
awak beri saya SENYUMAN..
awak beri saya KETAWA..
awak beri saya TEMPAT.. tempat bercerita, tempat berkongsi, tempat bersama.

saya tahu awak tak akan baca ini..
sebab saya tak akan benarkan awak tahu...

i just wanna say..
i know i love you when all i want is for you to be happy, even that means i m not a part of it...
yeahh it hurts whenever seein you.. with other person..
but what can i do.. if the TRUE SMILE n HAPPINESS from you is only from the Girl that you really NEED..
the Girl that you'd in LOVE  with..

i m not anyone.. i m just ME.
someone that always failed in LOVE..
someone that aint tell the truth bout her feelings...

I am a firm believer that sometimes its right to the wrong thing..
and the wrong thing that scribbled in mind right now is..

i want to be your guardian angel... 
always be by your sides...
but i cant...
but.. i think im still your guardian angel..
bcuz.. i would never tired pray for you..
n always want you to be happy.. even the person that you really need is not me..

sorry mentor.
because i really do LOVE you.
i m sorry..

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